sobota 16. apríla 2016

spring seeds

spring seeds
carrying the happiness of the world
deliver some good to me
cant stop thinking about them
so extraordinary, beautiful and needed
i’ve heard someone quoting a non-existing figure
saying that bravity is the soul of wit
and if so, then everything is just right the way it appears

there is nothing to fight against nor to fight about
i can see the seeds falling onto such fertile ground
no fields of bred emotions spread by the mass production
but some pure devotion, dreams grown of fruitful illusions
a morning bug thrown outta window found a place to die at last
wasn’t much of an intention unless that’s how it turned out
sweet, sweet apples full of tasty juice
ommitted by omission itself, the humility’s daughter
and a young spring of every man she’d ever met

waiting, wishing for some better days or just a place of endless grace
where greed is of no use at all and it’s highly understood as default
hey there, almighty sun, open your womb, don’t let us moan
a prayer, no discussion, no small talk
that’s what comes up and comes out so loud
a desirable state of mind to get dressed in
a perfect suit for what I’ve been messed with
changing rooms of adolescence won’t make much sense
sequencies of consequence bullying the counscious fence
as we dance with the flow of the wind by which we’re blown
away and anywhere